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The mission of Alpha-Omega is to protect society by improving the security of critical open source software through direct maintainer engagement and expert analysis. Through “Alpha”, we provide funding to maintainers intended to improve the project’s overall security quality.

Eligible projects include standalone projects, foundations that cover many projects, and core ecosystem services. Their selection is informed by the work of the OpenSSF Securing Critical Projects working group and other sources, discussion with the project team, and the degree of impact funding would have. 

The following framework is intended to help potential grantees apply for funding through the Alpha-Omega project.


If your project/organization aligns with the Alpha-Omega grant’s focus and eligibility criteria, you will receive an email to meet with a member of the A-O team to develop a Proposal/SOW.



The Proposal

1. Identify the project or organization to which the grant will go. Please include information about the open source license used by the project.

2. Describe the project’s current state. Assume we know very little about your project. How is your project critical, and what is its current security posture and challenges? Please don’t disclose anything sensitive.

3. Describe the desired outcomes that you expect the grant to lead to. Why are those the right outcomes and how will you measure success? What will be the direct benefit to end-users?

4. Describe how you intend to achieve those outcomes? You don’t need to go into immense detail here, just enough to give us an idea of what activities are expected. Will you be hiring staff? How quickly can this work start once a grant has been provided?

The Agreement

Grant agreements will not be heavy with timelines and specific outcomes. Grant recipients are expected to understand that future funding depends on meaningful progress, even as Alpha-Omega understands that not all progress will be the same.


Grant recipients are expected to provide monthly reports, which will be made public, and will be strongly encouraged to participate in grant community efforts organized by Alpha-Omega. Grantees will attend monthly strategy roundtables with other AO-funded projects. Grantees will also provide a beginning, middle, and end of funding blog reporting on their work.